Chillers ???


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Whats everyone running for chillers ? Looking to get one but is the inline or drop in better and is it beter to go big or right size ? I'm running about 250gal total water. I found out that my tank had a melt down and my temp gauge is off almost 10 degs - :mad: :mad: :eek1: SO looking into a controller was thinging neptune, the 3 or pro or the new one not sure on that one would like to get some sort of phone page if alarms go on ???


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I should run at least a 1/2 hp for your tank especially if you are running metal halides. a 1/4 hp could probably work but I would just be safe and run a 1/2.


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Inline tend to preform better and are more effecient than the drop in.

Tradewind chillers are very popular around here, here is a sizing chart to help.

The word is you want your chiller to cycle a maximum of 3 times per hour to be a good fit.....bigger is better IMO.


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As Doug has stated "TRADEWINDS" are popular but also problly one of the best chillers you can get.
The thing to consider is how much pull down in temp do you need ?
If your home dont get over lets say 90 degree's then a 1/3 HP would be fine.
Im doing a Tradewinds Super 1/3 on my 300 of course I perfer inline over drop in