Christmas Favia Frags!!!


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Hey everybody,
I finally made frags out of the christmas favia and they will be available by the middle of the week. There will be around 10-13 frags varying from 1"-2".

Regular Frags-$10
2 Frags each w/ a Feather Duster 1.5" in diameter-$15

The feather dusters have their tubes growing out of the skeleton.
PM me if you want a frag.
Correction: All the prices are for each frag.
Here's a pic of the mother colony that has been split.
hmm, when i wanted to sell it as a whole piece, people wanted me to frag it. and now when i frag it, nobody responds.
ok guppy, I'll let everyone know in this thread when they are available for pick-up. I'm still not sure how many frags there are going to be, i told the LFS to make 10-15 pieces. But i did tell them to save two frags with the feather dusters on them.
Im sorry Deserter did you want one of the regular frags or the one of the feather duster ones. I couldn't understand your question "When works?"
come on guys! This is a RARE coral. Look it up on Google and you'll see the prices. The guy at the LFS said that he would sell an 1" frag for $50. $50!!!!! I'm giving them to you for 1/5th of the price.
Everything on Google(and Ebay) is RARE :)

You could try trading for other cool frags. Pics might help.
alright fragmented they should be available by thursday, if not i'll let you know. later than thursday cause i sent them yesterday for fragging
im interested, hold one for me please! what color are the featherdusters, if they're still available? thanks!
I am interested but am not sure about a schedule for us to be able to meet up to pick them up. I'll even go with a FD frag, if that will help out (not that we don't already have plenty of FDs in our tank :)).

As was mentioned, this past weekend many people barely got online, if at all, since alot of people were busy with other projects, etc :). Glad I saw this before you sold out though :D

EDIT: I just re-read your last post about FD frags being gone. It's all good. Put us down for a regular frag then please :)