Clam first aid ????????


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I read the wonderful post about tying clams and woinder if I have a candidate, but I admit cluelessness.

Have a Squamosa, have only had for a week & it seemed OK. I noticed some hermits collected around the foot & figured I should inspect. Here's what I found...

Small amount of brown mucus at the foot and the threads that were holding it onto its rock were loose. I also found an aptasia was right near the foot.

I moved the clam up higher onto the rocks and wedged it into a semi-tight spot.

My concerns are that when I picked-up the clam it did not close, rather it seemed to be forcing itself open. I even squeezed it closed and it popped right open. I wedged it into a spot where it could only open up about a quarter inch and it quickly started pumping until the rocks moved enough for it to be wide open.

I am not sure what to do. Since I moved it the hermits seem to be leaving it alone.

I would be thankful for advice.
OK, badly written post. I did expect to see it close when I picked it up to move it away from the irritants. In its new spot the foot seems well protected, and it has moved the rocks to what appears to a comfortable position.

All I was asking is what should I be trying to do to help this critter.
Anything? Nothing?