Clam predator/Snail boring hole HELP!


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For the past week my 6" Maxima has been partially retracted, and last nite I shined a flashlight on the maxima and I saw a long tentacle retract into a very small hole that was bored into the side of the clam shell. I waited about 30 minutes and went back and looked again....this time I saw two of them :mad: Is my clam destined for death now? is there anyway to save him?
The advise given to your duplicate thread in the General Forum is spot on.
Im sorry for the duplicate. This clam has been with me for a while and I am very partial to it, and would like to save it. I dont understand what you mean by "spot on". I have been reading Knopp's book diligently and there doesnt appear to be a whole lot of info on this type of situation.