clam safe fish?HELP!


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Are there any decent fish out there that is safe for my clams and corals?
My coral beauty seem to enjoy nibbling my crocea mantle for fun when i remove the pearl skin angel becoz the pearl skin angel simply love to eat my open brain coral.
what about introducing a six line wrasse is it safe?
angels are known for their habit of picking at clams and corals (mainly LPS). A sixline wrasse would be fine to add.
I have dozens of clams I keep the following fish with them: purple tang, yellow tangs, hippo tang, flame hawk, six line wrasses, lawnmower benny, and knock on wood a regal angel for over four years.
thanks but tangs?

thanks but tangs?

hi jim and firechild thanks for the info
i just lost one really nice crocea due to the angel picking on it.i have remove those $8 devils that kill my $50 clam and right now there are nil fish in the tank inorder to protect my remaining clam anyway are there no problem with tangs if they are introduce first and can a purple and yellow tang be put in the same tank.thanks for ur enlightenment...
Can you give us some more details of your tank, size, how long it's been running, other inverts.
31 gallon (15"X 30" X 16") tank runing for 2 months with cure live rocks and 2cm thick of coralsand.

lighting: 2X10000K med zoo (15watt each 18")
1Xactin blue coralife (15watt each 18")
lights on for 10-12 hours daily
i believe u guys call this normal fluorescent light right?

fluval canister 304 filter (output 100gallon per hour)
using seachem:carbon,purigen phosguard and silicon removal cuprisorb to remove copper and other heavy metal.
and waiting for my skinner to arrive (red sea venturi prism hanging skinner)

additive : coralife:iodine supplement,strontinum and calcium supplement and seachem pH8.3 buffer.

inhabitant:2 pink sponge, 1 gonipora ,1 coral banded shrimp,2 cleaner shrimps, 2 coco worms, 1 green open brain,1 pink dougnut, 1 un ID soft coral,1 waving xenia, a cluster of seasquirt which grow from 1 mother sea squirt, 1 black seacucumber and 1 3.5" CROCEA.
Everything is going fine except for the 2 dwarfangels that i have removed
i am thinking of adding more clams and corals and 1 sixline wrasse 1 purple and 1 yellow tang is it ok? as the present inhabitants are doing fine at least and some are growing...
care to comment on the above?
Speaking from personal experience here, Lawnmower blennys (IMO) are a hit or miss venture with calms, I recently had to remove mine do to constant harassment to my Crocea! By harassment I mean nipping at the mantle... I would definately think twice about adding one to a tank with clams.... Check out the thread 'Blenny vs. clam using the search feature. HTH
I think you might find that your lighting is very insufficient to keep a few of the corals you have and definitely not enough to keep clams. Clams, particularly Tridacna crocea require very high light intensity that can only be given by metal halides. Also the open brain and xenia need more lighting than NO fluoros. As for the addition of a purple and yellow tang, these fish get quite large and require lots of swimming space and require a minimun tank size of about 100 US gallons.
My suggestion is to buy a 150W HQI light and that will increase your ability to keep more corals and clams.
Also discontinue addition of Iodine supplement, sufficient levels are maintained in occasional water changes.