Clam under PC's?


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I have a 15 gallon (12" high) with a 65watt 50/50 light. (~4 w/g) I wanted to put a clam in there but I am not sure if I can. I was told that a derasa would do well in there, but then I heard that they can kill themselves with the sand. Any suggestions on what I can keep?
You can try a squamosa or a hippopus clam about 2" to 3" in size and keep it as close to the light as possible. Just remember if the clam is healthy and happy it will outgrow your tank before you know it. I have successfully kept both types in smaller tanks with PC lighting without problems just keep up with your water parameters and you should be fine. Oh yeah, if this is a newer tank you may want to wait till the tank is mature enough. Six months old with good parameters is what I would go by. Good luck!:rollface:
Ok, thanks. Can you normally sell your clams? I mean if it outgrows the tank then would I be able to find a home for it?
You should have no problem selling or trading it here in the selling or trading forum or you can always bring it to your LFS for credit. You could use it as an excuse to buy a bigger tank if you wanted to also.:D Good luck!