close hole?


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I've been investigating the possibility of a Mantis. I've read about them closing their holes up sometimes.

Can someone elaborate please, close it how? Do they form a piece of rock to plug it?


MIne will close up his hole each night. I dont know if all species do this. But he will use whatever he can find. Its actually pretty interesting. He initially scurried around the tank and brought back several broken shell pieces. By the way, he lives in a barnacle cluster i put in there for him. He tried to stack the shells up in a variety of ways until he found the right combination of shells. Now, you can watch him unstack and restack using a little bit of the cc as filler. Its really great.
:) Thanx for the reply. I'm sure it is great, however if I have one, he is univited.

I've been hearing the described clicking sounds and experiencing a rapid dissapearence of snails, I'm just trying to find out exactly what I'm looking for.
Then I'm sure you've got one. If you can catch it, try trading him to someone who wants him instead of the standard flushing of the toilet. People are always in the market for these little guys.