closed zoas

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I bought some zoas and placed them in my tank about 2 1/2 hours ago.
They are still closed.
Am i SOL or is there a possibility of them reopening?
has this ever happened to you and how did you deal with it and what was the outcome?

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Alright thanks.
Its just that I spent quite a bit of money so I din't really want to lose them.
plus I'm pretty much a reef noob.
I've had saltwater for years just no reef.
So hopefully they live.
Is there anything that I can do to help them open, or is the only thing that I can do is wait?


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keep your actinics on. zoanthids tend to open and stay open for the blue color spectrum.

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should I keep the lights on all night?
Plus it's in a 50/50 bulb so the daytime would have to be on too.
probably not a problem.
Do you recommend me doing a water change to get rid of the nitrates, or will this just disrupt them more and not be worth it?

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WHOA ! Take a breath and relax. Keep doing your normal water changes, keep your lighting on the regular cycle. They will take time to acclimate to your system. They may open up in a few hours or it maybe a few days. I have had new zoa's not open for up to a week and I have had them open in a few hours each one is different....


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Agreed. One frag of Zoa's I have has just now started opening up fully, and I've had it for almost a month!
The other opened literally 5 minutes after being introduced into my tank.

Unless you see the polyps starting to wither, or you see anything eating or bothering them, don't be too concerned. Just keep an eye on it.


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don't try to coax them into opening, the polyps will open in time. some open up quickly and some take a few days. as long as they were acclimated slowly and didn't suffer from any type of pH/salinity/temperature shock they should be fine.

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ya I acclimated them for over an hour and a half.
There are other zoas that I got at the same time as these ones and the are fully open so I'm kinda confused.
They came from the same tank also.

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I just checked the water:
salinity: 1.026
pH: 8.0
Temp: 78
Nitrate: 0
Ammonium: 0
Are those acceptable water parameters or should i try to alter them?