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On the MASM/MACNA award of the year for most contributed to the hobby. It couldnt have gone to a better person your dedication to the hobby has made many shine!
A well deserved congratulations to you. Your writings have helped me tremendously, from the care of my animals to new ways of looking at old problems. :thumbsup:
shucks :p Thanks bubs :D

I was really staggered to receive it. Really quite an honor! No kidding, I learned that the entire vote was write-ins so I must have a lot of people to thank!

Even more humbling to get an award for something that makes you so happy to do. Well... all I can do now if keep on keepin on :)

BTW - Rocky, we missed you at MACNA dude! But I heard the silver lining in your news for why you could not make it. The new land/facility potential is very exciting! I wish you the best of course.

kind regards to all,

Congratulations, Anthony! I meant to tell you in person, but I guess I'm getting too old to remember stuff. :D

YOU DA MAN!!!!! :thumbsup:

I enjoyed your propagation workshop, too.
heehee... thanks Skipper. Due to a miscommunication, I learned/volunteered last minute to do the prop workshop. It was truly improvised on the word that many in the crowd were newbies. Certainly did seem so from the (wonderfully) novice questions afterwards. A good time.

If time allows next year in Boston, I'd like to demonstrate some uncommon and advanced techniques :)
Congratulations from Down Under Anthony... I must say that your book is now starting to look a bit tatty from being too close to the tank as an instant reference guide during too many "little accidents...:rolleyes:

Well done & thanks!

Hey Anthony! I wish I could of been there, If I don't make it to Germany I will be in Boston for sure and wouldn't miss your work shop for the world. Congrats on the award, Couldn't of gone to a better person.

Cheers, Cody :)

Thans kindly... and yes, I really do hope we can drag you along to Germany/Interzoo! Else... beantown it is then.
Me too! I need to email Bob though and get specifics. I have a feeling I'm starting to hijack this thread though, so congrats Anthony!:D


I really do hope we can drag you along to Germany/Interzoo!