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Hi Roger:

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new TS24 system, but I do have one question I was wondering if you could answer for me. Is the Tunze controller included in the ts24 kit required if I was to install a Neptune Aquacontroller II, or would the Aquacontroller II perform the same function?

Thanks in advance,
The aquacontroller cannot do what the tunze controllers do. The aquacontroller does simple x10 on off type stuff w/powerheads in general. The tunze controller switches the pumps between two settings--it doesn't turn 'em off. The night sensor ramps them down to the low setting at night. The multicontroller adds a few other functions that w/ powerheads really adds to the randomness factor.
Tunze streams should not be operated by other controllers. The on off cycles are hard on the pumps and void the warranty.