Cooked frozen shrimp?


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Is the cooked frozen shrimp ok to use as food or do you have to use the uncooked frozen.

I have to new Anemones in my tank and I want to start them off on teh right foot.

Also should I leave a light on all the time. I have an Outer Orbit HQI.:bum: :strooper:


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Use uncooked. You can freeze it and slice off bits.
No, on the light. Your tank needs night as well as day. A lot of feeding goes on in the dark.


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how long has your tank been running? Anemones need good H2O and stronge lights. Good luck with them. They are very beautyfull. What try of Anemones are they?


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Good feedings important in addition to strong lighting. As sk8r said, do not cook the shrimp, since the anemone derives many benefits from it being raw. However, I will caution you, unless you know the source of the shrimp (assuming it is good), then I would not use it. I have noted negative reactions with local shrimp (to Alabama, of course).


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i went today and the deli counter didn't have any small fresh guy's so i went to the frozen section and found some. i didn't check the ingredients till i got home. shrimp, salt and sodium tripolyphosphate ?????? i guess i'll be eating these guys. i see people recomending silversides but have never seen any at the maket, do they go by another name?????