Cooling questions.

Whats some other ways to cool a tank other then a chiller and fans. Those I know already. Is there anything else that can be done. I don't see myself having a problem with heat but would like to be prepared incase I do.
first tell us how big your tank is how high your light are off the water and what light do you have i have 4x 400 mh with 2 fans and i stay at 80 81 and i live in az
There are many things that can be done to mitigate heat. Open top canopy, open back stand, energy efficient pumps (external if possible), fewer pumps, lower wattage lighting, shorter photoperiod, lights higher above the tank, lower humidity environment (increases evaporation), air conditioning, etc.
Its a 75 gal reef tank. Open top system with the coralife aquapro lighting system. (2) 150 watt MH's and (2) 96 watt actinic's with built in fan. We have our share of 110 degree days but we keep the AC at 85 during the day and 78 the rest of the time. The A/C is at 85 (during the hottest part of the day) when the lights are on for 5 hours and then drops to 78 for the rest of the time. I was thinking about droping that 85 down to 80 to be safe.