Copper test Kit Showing 0 when using Cupramine


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I recently found ich on a few of my fish and started using cupramine. I followed the recommended dosages. I picked up an API test kit on day 3 to check the copper levels and it keeps coming up with a reading of 0. Based on the amount of cupramine I added, the copper levels should be reading .5.

Has anyone encountered issues with API test kits not working well with cupramine? When I do add the cupramine, I do notice that it also forms a precipitate when it hits the water. I hadn't seen anywhere whether this is expected.


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Api test kits do not work with cupramine.I found this out the hard way as well.You need to use either a seachem or salifert.I have also heard red sea test kits work as well although i can not be sure on that one.The salifert is easier to read but has less of a range and the seachem has nice range but the colors are very tough to tell apart.I would probably go with the salifert if you can find one and the seachem next if that is what you can find.HTH Kieth