Coral Banded sps safe ?


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Should I get rid of my coral banded shrimp that walks on and cleans my new sps?

It has always walked on my pavona, lps, clam and softies with no issues knock on wood. He is a huge coral banded shrimp that I have had for at least 3 years. I just got a bunch of SPS and I only had a pavona and an acro before. He does the same thing to them with no noticeable damage.

I noticed he stopped hiding and comes out from his cave all day since my coral beauty died a few weeks ago (the only big fish that was in the tank) and has also seemed more careless of what he tramples over since then.

I'm worried that he will stress out and eventually kill my sps but he is one of my favorites in the tank. He is at least 3" long and 7" from tentacle tip to tip. What should I do?



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I've always had pairs of Coral Banded Shrimp in my tanks, and they have never bothered anything, other than scaring other shrimp or fish away that get too close. Don't worry about it.