corals just found, what do i do


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To make it plain and simple...

I started a SW tank intending on only having fish and live rock..
6 months down the road and i just now noticed green star polyps (sp) and a couple different types of zoa that have come with the live rock

i would love to see them both flourish but as of right now i only use tap water... ( only problem i've seen with that is the algea )

i do have test kits for the water params but i think, logicaly, if both these corals have appeared out of nowhere then the water params must have been good enough for the past 6 months.

what do you all suggest i do?

is it worth spending money that i don't have to buy sump/fuge and a ro/di unit, or do zoa and star polyps (sp) easy to come by and not cost a whole lot?


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Green star polyps are definitely easy to come by and don't cost much. They're considered hardy and good beginner corals.

For zoanthids, it depends on the kind and color. There are some that are very expensive and most are not. If it's growing as a live rock hitch hiker, it's probably a common and hardy variety.

IMO, I wouldn't do anything other than what you're doing unless you want to expand into more than FOWLR. Clearly what you've got is good enough for them now.

It's funny ... in my 55 I have trouble with most kind of zoanthids although supposedly more difficult to keep corals grow beautifully. My brown star polyps got out of hand and I threw a bunch of them in my 10 gallon quarantine tank that has only a biowheel filter and 56 watt power compacts that shouldn't keep anything alive. They're thriving and taking over that tank now.

Enjoy your lucky hitch hikers.



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Keep doing what you are doing, seems to be working. :D Love hitchikers that are good.