Could I get a squamosa ?


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I am looking at maybe getting a 2" ORA Squamosa in a couple of weeks but I have a couple questions about them. It would be in a 29 gallon tank with 300 watts vho. About 14" from the lights. I could feed a few times a week with DT's. Aside from the question do I have enough light? I have a watchman's goby that from time to time kicks up some sand, would this be bad thing for the clam? I doesn't happen often, and doesn't make a huge sand storm but I'm still worried this could stress it. Thanks for the help!!
Your tank and lighting are fine for a squamosa. I wouldn't worry too much about the sand storm but make sure the goby doesn't nibble on the clams mantle. I have no knowledge of the behavior patterns for watchman gobies. They may be perfectly safe, I just don't know.
Plenty of light for either a squamosa or derasa. I personally keep both of those clams as well as Maxima's in my 90 with 630 watts mixed VHO/PC. I have had great growth and colorization
Had a squamosa for over 2 years now, and a watchman with it in my 75 gallon for about 8 months no problems at all. In fact when the squamy gets bigger ( which it will fast ) it will create its own sandstorm from time to time. About the only problem I see you running into is the size of the tank. Make sure you give him lots of room to grow.

Thanks for all the replies! I'll make sure to post pictures when I get it in. (Won't be for a couple of weeks.)

Leviathan, yeah the size is something to keep in mind. Hopefully I will have a larger tank before that really becomes a problem. Otherwise I'm sure I can get someone to give it a good home. Thanks again!
AS far as the Goby dumping sand on the clam, I would not worry as there is plenty of sand and debris flying around the ocean. A healthy clam will have no problem moving some sand off of itself.