CPR HOB refugium


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I just got a CPR HOB fuge sent to me for b-day, but I'm bummed that it came with a RIO pump (why do they use those?) and I get alot of bubbles coming out of outlet.
What would be the best replacement for the pump, and what would be a good mod to decrease bubbles?


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Mini jet 606, (159gph)

Or Maxi Jet 900(200gph) or M.J.1200 (295gph) depending on how much flow you need.

They are made by "Aquarium Systems" and are good long-lasting pumps that produce little heat


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Oh, and CPR makes bubble traps.

But I'm sure you could catch those bubbles yourself by cutting a piece of sponge filter media and placing it inside the return tube. You would just have to rinse it out on a regular basis so it doesn't get clogged and overflow your fuge.

I'm sure someone else will chime in another idea.

hope that helps some.