Cracked Tank...


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Hey guys, I finished setting up my 40 breeder about 1.5 months ago. I noticed today that there was a crack in the bottom of the glass. It's between the bulkhead and the side of the tank. It's not leaking badly, but I'm panicking. Upon further inspection, there is a small trickle of salt creep going down one of the stand pipes. Just my luck :(

I've got some sps and a bunch of zoa colonies.
1 kole tang
1 purple firefish
1 tail spot blenny
3 baby red chromis

I need a replacement tank, asap. I've been looking through the Tampa and Orlando craigslist forums, as well as craigslist, with little luck.

For now, I have a few cheapo Walmart containers that can hold my rock and livestock. If anyone has advice, knows where I can find a 40 breeder or even a 65 (has same footprint as a 40), or can offer help, I'd be very grateful.


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I would epoxy the leak while you source the tank.

Are you looking for a drilled tank? I see non drilled ones in the Orlando craigslist.


waddaya know, Zab saved the day while I posted.


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Thanks all for the awesome response I have received. I've gotten a few offers on tanks that I'll check out tomorrow. I'll update soon.

Thanks all, you guys are seriously the best.