crazy peacock behavior


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My peacock has started acting strangely. It darts around the tank, stirring things up, clicking and hitting the sides of the glass. This goes on for several minutes. He gets really aggitated. I can't figure out what he is doing or what might be wrong, if anything. I say this behavior is strange because my other mantis doesn't act like this, but maybe there is some explaination for this behavior. There are hermits in the tank but he doesn't seem to be eating them, he only eats the pieces of food I hand feed him. Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be going on??
stir crazy

stir crazy

i think this happened once to a mantis i kept going around the tank, slightly hitting the glass.....i was not sure what could be wrong (if anything), but decided to play it safe, and moved it to a larger, longer running tank....then it seemed to settle down...