Crocea hard to take care of???


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I always thought that Crocea were on the easy side for caring, with Maxima being the hardest to take care of. But I was doing some research and this link says that they are one of the hardest to keep in captivity. Is this true? If yes, what is the easiest to care for besides Deresa?

Heres the link:


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The link that I gave also says that they need the most lighting. Is this true too? And are there any other things on this link that aren't true?


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OK, I have another question, I keep doing research on Crocea Clam care, and I keep running into different information. This link says that Croceas prefer to be in live rock and that they attach to them, is this true? I thought they liked being in the sand, but they can be placed on live rock if they will stay there and not fall over.

I also want to know if the following is correct:
Croceas need calcium,
strong to medium flow,
Good water quality,
Metal Halide Lights,

Is that all I need to know? I feel like I am getting information from some sites that may be untrue since they all have different stuff on Croceas.


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Crocea's are the most light demanding of the giant clams. They seem to be more susceptable to pinched mantle too. Maxima's are also very light demanding and have a high mortality rate in smaller clams.

I recommend derasa or squamosa for ease of care. Giga's are easy too but get huge. Squamosa and derasa aren't as light demanding.

All of the giant clams can be found up on the rockwork in the wild. Crocea's are also known as rock boreing clams. They have the ability to dissolve rock and bore into it. It is rare to have a crocea that is fine with being on the sand.

All clams need cal, alk, and mag. Excellent water quality is a must. Good water flow and strong lighting. T5 or Mh.

Here are 2 good threads you need to read up on for info.

clam care



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skinz78 pretty much summed it up. My crocea has been and prefers the rock work since I got it 2 yrs ago. Once they get in the place they like they attach and wont move. Slower grower from my experience and the most light demanding.

I have 2 Deresa clams and they prefer the sand and grow like crazy. They have probably tripled or more in size since I got them. I did place small flat pieces of live rock under them and they have attached to these. They like the lower lighting in the bottom of the tank. Just bought a baby blue Maxima clam about a month ago and it attached right away to the rocks on the bottom of my tank and has been happy 1/2 on the rock and half on the sand at the bottom.

They will need a stable tank with good calcium levels to help with shell development and growth. I waited almost a yr before I got my first ones. Both of my tanks they are in have MH lighting and med to low flow where they are at. High flow and they wont expand out like they should


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mbbuna just typed the words away from my fingers:D

Looking at the pic of the squamosa they have I can see why anyone would be turned off, it a rather plain clam. Squamosa's are very colorful, and they are my favorites.

Here is a link with lots of pic's of clams so you can see the different colorations.

clam pic's

Just curious how big is your tank?


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11678353#post11678353 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by mbbuna
if your asking about mine its about 12"

Thats a huge tank:rollface:


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OK, thanks for all of the info, I ordered one of the books recomended by you on Amazon. I have been reading that they can be harmed by getting picked up, or "pinched" from the sand. How gently do they have to be picked up? Would a person from a fish store know how to handle them, do they need to be handled really gently?

What are the symptoms of a clam that has been "pinched"

Thanks for everything, I would have gotten a crocea last week, but then I decided to research from RC. If I didn't do that, it would be an unhappy clam right now.


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Oh, I have T-5 lighting, and I know this isn't the best lighting for a Crocea, and I think the closest I could place it near the light, in a spot I like would be around 8 inches away from the light, then if it didn't like those two spots 8 inches from the light, the next closest spot would be 12 inches away from the light. And if I put it down on the sand, it would be 24 inches away from the light.

But I also read that longer light bulbs pierce through the lights better, and the day lights are 22 inches long, and are 96 watts, 10,000 K.

Would these be suitable light settings, if I keep the clam atleast a minimum of 8 inches away from the lighting?



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But I also read that longer light bulbs pierce through the lights better, and the day lights are 22 inches long, and are 96 watts, 10,000 K.

what light fixture do you have? with that length and wattage that bulb would be a power compact not a T5


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And this is the last and final question before I know everything I need to know about Croceas.

Would these be compatible with the following?:

1. Diamond Watchman Goby
2. Occellaris Clownfish
3. Occellaris Clownfish
4. Occellaris Clownfish
5. Green Chromis
6. Firefish Goby


1. Reef Hermit Crabs
2. Emerald Mithrax Crabs
3. Anemone Crab
4. Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
5. Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
6. Peppermint Shrimp
7. Peppermint Shrimp
8. Coral Banded Shrimp
9. Serpent Starfish
10. Haitian Reef Anemone
11. Haitian Reef Anemone
12. Bubble Tipped Anemone
13. Cleaner Clams
14. Turbo Snails
15. Cerith
16. Nassarius Snails


1. Galaxea Coral
2. Light Metallic Green and Pink Star Polyp
3. Yellow Polyps
4. Brown Yellow Polyps
5. Xenia

I also plan to get:
-Midas Blenny
-Green Clown Goby
-Fire Shrimp
-Anemone Shrimp

And how do you pronounce Crocea? I hear different pronunciations at every different store.

Is it like Crow-shea? Crow-a-sha?

Thanks for everything, you don't know how helpful all of this is.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11680307#post11680307 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Tennyson
Oh, your right, its a Power Compact, I think, is that brighter and stronger than a T-5? Its a 36 inch fixture.

I'm not entirely sure if I'm answering you questions right, but heres a link to the exact same light, or a very very similar light:

Sorry power compact lighting is no where near as bright as T5, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I would only attempt a derasa with your light.

I have also heard bad reviews with fire shrimp and clams.


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Really? Even if its 8 inches away from the lighting? What do you mean by bad news for Fire Shrimp and Clams? Is it possible for me to upgrade to a T-5?


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I now have a 96 watt light, would 234 watts be good enough? I found a low priced T-5 lighting, I'm just not sure if it would fit the size of my tank.

Dimensions of T5:
36" x 12" x 4.25"

Current Lighting:
36" x 7.5" x 3"

Is this a close enough match? If not, do they have converters that would make the lighting fit onto it?

Heres the link to the lighting:

I'm not sure if it has nightime lunar lights, but those can be added too right? And it also says that it has independent controls for dawn/dusk applications, is this the same thing?
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How does avaryone feel about a Crocea under VHO? My new one is about 10" from the water surface. I am working on a halide set up but just want to know if I need to kick the project into high gear or not.

The LFS I got mine from pronounced it CROW-SAY-AHH. Or maybe it was CROW-SEE-AHH I don't remember now.