dead cleaner shrimp


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ive had a cleaner shrimp in my tank for 3 months now and it has been great i have a 40 gallon tank, i just did a 5 gallon water change and its laying upside down with no sign of life? my arrow crab, fish, porcelain crab and sea cuc are all fine? what did i do wrong? did i change too much water?


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Probably nothing. It may have died in a molt, or was killed by something els.


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Could be because of the waterchange. I have a few reasons...

1) they are really sensitive to changing water conditions. a waterchange can change the temp from 80 to 76 and thats a big difference. pH could have been a factor... again... anything with the waterchanage could have killed it
2) when or if it even molted something attacked it. mine usually hide out after it has molted. I am guess because its skeleton is not as hard as it should be yet.

do you do your waterchanges through a sump or is it stright up through the display tank? why I ask? when i use to do my waterchanges through the display tank it would stress my clowns and give them something that looks like ich. plus it drastically changed the temp. very quickly. after i started to do my waterchanges though my sump (gave it time to equlized with the display tank's water) my fish stop showing any signs.


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ya thats is probably my prolem, i dont have a sump and need to find a dependeble but simple diy overflow


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A shrimp or any shelled creature cannot adjust to rapid changes in salinity or temperature. The safe way to do a water change without a sump is to test meticulously with a refractometer and the same thermometer to make sure you are bang on with the salinity and temp.


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Good points. This is also true for starfish and is often one of the reasons why they will suddenly "start to fall apart."