Deressa clams under VHO's

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I currently have a 75 gallon reef tank that is 18 icnhes deep. the sandbed is 3-5 icnhes as well... There are 4-95 watt VHO URI bulbs. 2- Aqua Suns 2- Super Actinic. I also added 2-55 watt PC's 50/50 and 1-40 watt flourecent NO bulb "actinic." Would a derresa clam fair well on the sand bed in this tank? Also, would a maxima fair well at the surface? Thankyou for reading.

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I have 2 derasa clams that I've had for a couple months under 4x65w PC's (2 actinics and 2 whites 10000k's) and they're doing awesome. I totally notice new growth on the shells. If they can grow and flourish under these lights, I'm sure they'll do better under your lights, if not better...
You should have no problems w/ your lighting set up. I think the VHO are great for the clams if you have enough. I have 6-110 watt URI VHO bulbs using 2 Ice Cap ballasts. 3 - Super Actinic, 1 - Aquasun 10,000K, 2 - Actinic White Flourescent bulbs 110 watt.

I have 1 Deressa, 1 Maxima, 1 Crocea all over a year, and doing very well. I don't feed them anything, and you can see by the pictures that they open up really wide to absorb all the VHO lighting.


Awesome clams naka!

Clams like derasa and squamosa do good under PC and VHO, but maxima and crocrea need more light, like MH. That is, unless you have a ton of VHO/PC like naka does.
I have been wondering the same, only under 4-96W PCs on a 58gal. Could I put derasa or squamosa on the sand bed though with this lighting? Hope so
Woah, a thread resurrected, heehee...:D

reefy em, yes you'll be able to place a Derasa and/or Squamosa on the sandbed without any problems.

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Rock Anemone said:
Woah, a thread resurrected, heehee...:D

reefy em, yes you'll be able to place a Derasa and/or Squamosa on the sandbed without any problems.

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I just want to see how naka's Crocea doing after 1 year.
Reefy em, Squamosa and Derasa do not required very high light and would do fine in your tank light-wise. Clams always requires very clean water and high Ca, Alkalinity and low phosphate.
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I kept Both Maxima's and Crocea's under a 4 x 96 watt power compact. I had them there for more than a year before I moved up lighting.

Well, holeinone1972, if you say I can keep them like that, then I for sure can! That makes me feel so much better
Yes, I am going to make sure everything else is perfect before I add a clam. The tank was just set up this weekend and it's got a long way to go. I will be moving my stuff from my 20 gal. now over to it. That's about 20-30lbs. LR, coral beauty, neon goby, yellow wrasse, GSM, condy anemone, flower anemone, GSPs, zoos, organ pipe, xenia, shrooms, feather duster, blue leg & scarlet hermits, snails, yellow gorgonian. I think that is everyone. As far as I've read, none of these guys will bother a clam and my wrasse will help clean it. :D
Minh Nguyen, no problem, I guess I should have added a laughing smiley " :lol: " after that, it was ment to be a joke, I wasn't mad...

reefy em, thanks for noticing, I wanted to try out something differen't.

Also, I've seen a large amount of Maximas that have done awsome under PC and VHO lighting. Some even on the sandbed. However, if you're going to try it, I suggest finding a vendor that raises them under such lighting, or from someones who has been keeping them under that lighting.

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