design help please


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I'm in the design phase of a new tank. It will consist of 150G Display (1) 55G sump and (2) 29 fuges

In the center of the display I hope to build a 360 degree overflow which will allow for a full 360 deg unobstructed view of the tank. LR will be stacked against the overflow all the way around. This overflow area will also contain the return plumbing. I hope to be able to place all the outlets in the walls of the overflow,nestled between the rocks.

I need some help on where the outlets need to be arranged to achieve the simulations. Is it possible to use the multicontroller and (2) pumps from a central location like this?

You could mount the pumps to the overflow box and run the cables through a seperate conduit and bulkhead coming up from the center of the overflow. You would have to be very careful about getting water on the electronic components but it could be done. You would also have to make sure that every few months you could get at the pumps for service. Otherwise I could recommend using the Stream pumps inside the Stream Rocks so they would be barely visible.

BTW- I did recieve your email to Tunze as well so I will just answer here in lew of the other email. Just didn't want you to think it was being ignored.