Dosing pump discuss for Todd

Thanks Eric, I just read the thread. I am not debating the doser, I have just been too busy to get one and hook it up. It will happen this month though. I am currently dosing 150ml per day of Randy's 2 part recipe, and my levels are right where I want them.

I do believe this method is easier than the reactor method, and it takes very little room in comparison.

When and if I build a new house in the next couple of years and decide to get a bigger (300+) tank, maybe I will look into a reactor.
I know you like to tinker with stuff Russ, but 500-600 bucks for a Ca reactor, vs 140 for the dosing pump and a few dollars for the 3 part... (plus it doesn't lower your pH.) I don't care if I'm dosing a gallon a day, I'm sticking with my dosing pump. :D
Actually I built my own reactor. Everything was about 300 bucks. Ph stays at 7.9 to 8.3. I just thought 150ml was a lot. I was only dosing 10ml a day when I was using B Ionic.
Russ, you have to double the dosing amount with Randys 2 part. I have figured the cost out and it comes to about $3 per month, and that is on the high side. I go through about a gallon of each part per month. The Calcium chloride only cost $26 dollars for a 5 gal bucket, and it only takes 1 cup of it to make a gallon of mix. Then comes the baking soda, and we all know how cheap that is.

I have not had any adverse affect on the tank using the system, and I have also never had this kind of growth. I have two monti caps that have doubled in size in three months. All my sps and my lps are growing substantially. I will try to post some pics tonight of the growth of a few things in just 6 weeks.

I can't wait to see your reactor next month though. That will be my main interest. As I stated before I may be going larger as far as tanks go, and having a fish room downstairs will make it more feasible to have a ca reactor.
3 bucks a month is cheaper than running a reactor. Let me see, $17 every 8 months to fill my C02, and about $30 in media every year. Homemade 2 part is definitely cheaper. I will definitely use this homemade 2 part if I decide to set up another tank.
Russ, here is a couple of pics of a Monti Cap frag I got from Eric. The first shot is three months ago and the second is today. That is how much growth I am getting with only dosing the 2 part recipe. It is at least twice the size.


Eric, I got my dosing pump on Tuesday. It has been up and running since. I am having a little difficulty getting the silicone tubing the exact length though. If they aren't the same length, they don't dose evenly.
It should have come to you already the same length... The silicone tubing it the really short ones that wrap around the dosing wheel... The others don't matter.
That is how it came, and how I hooked it up. But the instructions said that if you run the 4' test and they don't pump evenly you need to shorten the slower silicone tube 1/8" at a time. I think I have finally got it dialed in today. I will recheck tomorrow.