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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Piscean:
I'm looking for any info, reviews, opinions, links etc. for the Eco-Wheel system by AEI: <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

If you have questions or would like information on the patented Eco-Wheel aquarium system, please call Aquatic Engineers, Inc. at (317) 821-0506 or write us at: Aquatic Engineers, Inc., 7112 Kentucky Ave., Camby, Indiana 46113. Briefly, the Eco-Wheel aquarium system provides "selective" protein skimming, algae scrubbing, wet/dry filtration, water movement, wave surging, and calcium addition without the use of a single water pump. The system runs entirely off of one air pump and has only one moving part. The system comes in several sizes from 12" diameter to 96" diameter.

Last time I visited their site there was a picture. It looks not unlike a very large hamster wheel. I think the turf algae grows on the inside surface of the wheel. Also the way the thing works it creates surges...I'd call it a distant relative of the inland scrubbers...they basically accomplish the thing. However, both of them are still prohibitively expensive.
Hey Larry!
I was wondering the same thing! :) I found that diagram of the unit on the website, but couldn't make out the details due to its size...

Have fun guys!...jim
I looked over every page, there is no picture other than the diagram Jim referred to which is unreadable. No prices either.

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At last years MACNA convention the Eco-Wheel by Aquatic Engineers was demonstrated. I thought it was very impressive, especially as it did away with countless gadgets 'needed' to usually operate a tank. The company is run by individuals knowledgeable in water treatment applying their know-how to saltwater aquariums. I'm waiting for a smaller, non-commercial size to be available. Beside eliminating lots of hardware, one of the selling points was the absence of impellers and the possible effects they may have on your system. The other big plus was no heat from all the various pumps.
It's easy to poke fun at things we don't understand. If anyone went back 10-15 years and described how a reef tank can be run today they would be called nuts.
I'm intrigued by the simplicity of the system but share your sentiment about the proto-type's size. Time will tell who's nuts.
Who's poking fun? I just made a comment on the fact that the wheel appears almost as large as the tank. I would like to see some more detailed information about it though.
I got their packet of information in the mail, although it's been a couple of weeks since I misplaced it. Anyhow if I remember right the information includes diagrams and detailed information regarding the system but no photos. It also listed prices which were around $4500 and $5500 for the 2 full systems tanks, stands and all included. The wheel was also available for use on an existing tank but I don't remember the price. I noticed that the picture of the prototype stresses that the size of the unit is only for display, but I wonder how much smaller the commercial unit really is. I believe that the info. I have lists the dimensions so I'll post the info when I find it this weekend. Perhaps the wheel could be useful in other ways too. For instance, attach a spiral to the front for self-hypnosis...
We apologize for the confusion created by the Eco-Wheel picture originally shown on our website. That Eco-Wheel was a commercial model capable of treating several thousands of gallons. The sole purpose of displaying that model was to allow people to view its operation at the MACNA conference.

We have a non-commercial model that was designed to treat 75-200 gallon aquariums. We will post a picture of an actual setup on our website ( today for you to view. This Eco-Wheel is 12" in diameter and provides a water flow of 25-35 gpm (1,500-2,100 gal/hr). This Eco-Wheel is constructed of PVC with a high density polyethylene tank.

This Eco-Wheel provides algae scrubbing, wet dry filtration, "selective" protein skimming, wave surging, calcium reactor, water cooling, and many other processes and runs off of ONE air pump. There is only one moving part that will not clog, stick, or jam from debris like many of the filter systems on the market today. There are NO electrical components in contact with the water. None of the space below the aquarium is required. The Eco-Wheel can be installed adjacent to the aquarium or in a filter room and is connected by only two pipes. The system is almost maintenance free and will last much longer than any other filter system available.

In regards to cost, the system is currently being sold retail for around $2,160 which includes Eco-Wheel and tank, air pump, pine enclosure, piping, and scrubber lighting. The system comes completely assembled, ready for operation.

We would like to thank everyone for their interest in our products. If you have any questions, please call us at (317) 821-0506.



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It was sounding too good to be true for a minute. Ouch! :eek:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AEI:
In regards to cost, the system is currently being sold retail for around $2,160 which includes Eco-Wheel and tank, air pump, pine enclosure, piping, and scrubber lighting. The system comes completely assembled, ready for operation.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Peace - John
Just to put the cost in perspective, Richard Durso's filtration system cost $2,900 according to his website. If the system really works and has substantially fewer parts to break down it's not outrageous at that price. How about we all throw in a few bucks so Larry can test it out while on live webcam?
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