EEK! What is this?! snail.


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OK. I saw this guy last night on my substrate hiding behind the mushroom in my tank. He is FAST! The light scared him away and just now... I happened to be looking at the tank and he is on the front glass! I've NEVER seen him before and it isn't a snail I purchased!!

What is it??

It has really long antennae... the shell on its back is sort of smooth and elongated. Difficult to describe and I couldn't get a good photo of the shell.

He's happy chowing down on any algae he finds on the glass so I'm not going to remove him... unless someone thinks it's harmful. I just find it cool that my tank has been established for a couple of months now... and I'm still finding new lifeforms. :)






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does it look like only 1/2 the shell is there?

Yeah, exactly...


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Thanks, guys...

I did a search and it does resemble a Stomatella. :) He must've hitchhiked in on a frag or some of my live rock from the beginning.


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yea def stomatella or "cap snail"... they are quick, i had one or two visible at least that came in on some live rock i i have like 50 probably more.


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I would agree. Not only can the move relatively fast, but the seem to reproduce fast as well. Enjoy!


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And it will freak you out if you try to grab one and the tail comes off - they wiggle like crazy so the stoma can get away. They can really fly when they want to go somewhere fast. Check at night with a light - you probably have more!


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I've been searching my tank more at night with a flashlight and the things I see scare me. haha.

I don't have a fish at all in my tank right now so the amount of pods walking around is absolutely insane. Shining a light in my AC70 refugium gives me chills... there's gotta be hundreds... perhaps thousands. And those are just the ones I see visible to the naked eye.

I split the fish order with Hella yesterday... so once I get my fish in my tank tomorrow... there's so many pods, I probably won't have to feed him for a month or two. haha. :)