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ELECTRIC EYE FLAME SCALLOP / Scientific Name : Lima hians
I had one die about a week ago after about 2 months, and would like to know if anyone knows where to find information on these.(URL/website)I do realize they can be very difficult to keep in captivity. and require plunty of food. Since then a friend has bought me another one and I would like to keep it alive.
Any input and suggestions would be great there is so little info on these guys.
Search through past threads here. They do terribly in captivity. The one you have now will die soon too :( Some people consider keeping them alive for 6 months REALLY good. Do the poor little guys a favor and don't get any more. So many animals we can keep have the potential of living 10 or 20 years with proper husbandry. We shouldn't be keeping animals that are doomed to waste away in a few months.
Do you feed Phyto? If not, then you DEFINITELY should. I believe these scallops need a lot of food. Get yourself I bottle of DT's Phytoplankton and start feeding. Don't dump in a lot at first slowly ramp up to prevent fouling problems.

If it works, you might want to set up a phyto growing station. Check out the current reef tank of the month (Flame*Angel's) for a good example.

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Since you already have the scallop, maybe you could try an intensive feeding method. Cut the bottom off a soda bottle, put it over the scallop and drip an algae solution in thru the top (turkey baster or airline thru cork)...OR put the scallop in a breeding trap that you can drip algae into...

Actually I was going to do the turkey baster thing, but I was told specifically not to target feed this guy.....That his filtering apparatus would be on overload !
Is this true?
Should I just feed the tank and hope he gets enough food ?
I know, I know , I wouldn't have purchased another myself and didn't realize their track record till recently.
My LPS ,who usually seems to know his stuff, seemed surprized when I went back and told him that the consensus is they die in about 6 months !
I think he was ok with selling new ones to ppl every 6 months or so........
But you guys know that song and dance !
I have had my scallop for almost 2 years now. I do nothing special and it is doing great. I do not have carbon on my tank so there may be more algae than if I put carbon in. I do not know if this is a factor.
Two years ! Thats great !
I am bent on keeping this guy alive !
Whatever it takes.
I dont use carbon either, and I have good growth.
He seemes to have found a spot in the rocks where he is filtering..
Doesn't appear to like the metal halides though, stays in the shadows.
That probably explains why he is so white !
Please let us know how you make out...I've had my eye on the scallops everytime I hit an LFS. I have a high nutrient tank, so if your's does well, I may give it a try...

Thank you,
Well , I tried to target feed him last night and he clammed up :D
didn't seem to like that. So I probably will just feed the tank now, unless someone has some good suggestions.
I'm using the BIO VITAL has anyone had experience with this the "black powder" as they call it. The guy at the LFS swears its the way to go for the electric eye. Said its better than phytos.
What do you guys think ?
I wouldn't put any of that Mark Weiss stuff in my precious tank. Do a search on his products and you'll see why.
Dont know that this is Mark Weiss or not....
Did the search and none of those they are selling are the same stuff.
Sounds the same though.
I have only used this stuff three times and I cant say that I can tell if its doing anything or not...
Still not convinced that its worthless either.
And at $18.00 a jar thats expensive snake oil !
I'll research further.
Any other suggestions ?
The two you mentioned are Mark Weiss products to my knowlegde. There are lots of discussions about his products on this and other sites. In fact, I think Dr. Ron had the Weiss stuff analysed and it was just sugar water or something similar. Many people notice no effects from his products, or at least nothing different than if you put sugar in your tank. :) Others reported nasty bad algea/cyano blooms as a result. I have never heard of his products doing anything good that could be proved that it was the result of the product and not a coincedence.
Most people on this board decry Weiss's stuff as a snake oil, but I have had people whom I respect with reason to think highly of him....I know he and folks who use his products have raised some very dificult aquatic species. Also, when I approached a high quality frozen food manufacturer about gut loading their mysis before processing, Weiss had been there first with the same questions for the same reasons. I would not dismiss him out of hand, but I would use his stuff with caution - it's very concentrated.

Do you guys know where I can find out more info on this ?
Someone who has actually done research on his products, and can really say either its crap or it works...
Well , I think I just read every thread on Mark Weiss products posted in the last year ,so far it seems real opinionated.
Also reading the rshimek post ,who apparently he is a Marine Ecologist , I interperted it to be positive and he seems like the only one who has really researched it he even went on to say he was gunna write articles for weiss !
Don't really know where I stand on this issue, better safe than sorry though. I do however, find it interesting all the mixed and conflicting opinions you get in this hobby.
To me its one big experiment and hopefully you can learn by trial and error or other peoples mistakes. Can't figure out who this Weiss guy ****ed off......
I believe most of the negative comes from the fact that he doesn't disclose his ingredients...

One person who uses his products with success is Christopher Burns over on Seahorse.org.

Let us know what you dig up!