Electronic MH Ballast

I was interested in the MH E-Ballast and have seen a few for sale, but also heard about the problems. What brand did you try and what problems did you have? I'm thinking about using a 400 Watt Iwasaki.

Hi Jon,

I have used the 175 watt and 250 watt Icecap MH ballasts. I had good luck with the 175 watt model and it worked well for the year that I used it. I did have some problems with the 250 watt version where it would shut off during the day or sometimes not fire the bulbs. I had this problem with both ballasts and had them connected to a dedicated 20 amp circuit that I had installed just for them. It seemed that they were very sensitive to slight power drops and sometimes when my AC would turn on or my wife would use the washer and dryer at the same time one or both of them would shut off. I bought these ballasts over two years ago and I would assume that Icecap has come a long way since then.

As far as the 400 watt eballast goes, I have never used them but have heard good things about them with the exception of tv and radio interference. There is a filter that can be used to block that interference from what I heard but I have never used them myself.

You might want to post a message in the main reef discussion area to get a little more input on the eballast.