Elegance coral help


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I recently changed my lights up. I cannot tell what is wrong. I went from 4 T5HO to LED. The elegance was not openning fully and has not still. It has been a few months I would say. I believe it lost a mouth as well. During the beginning of the change the elegance would open and close often. Never fully opening. I felt like it wasn't getting all the light it needed in fact it looked like it was even turning towards the light. I decided to move the elegance directly under the new light. Since then it has opened much more and not been openning and closing during the day. The mouths seem bulged and sometimes open. I cannot seem to get the elegance to eat but in my last two years of owning it I have never directly fed it. There has been a clownfish living in it the whole time. I will post some pics of it once the lights are one.
Pictures are just before the lights turn all the way on in the morning.
Did the elegance just get shocked from the change of light? Im hoping it is on its way to a healthy return.


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You may need to acclimate your corals to led slowly. I have mine slowly increase the intensity of the light 5% weekly starting at around 40% Now, I am only running mine at 65%