ELOS KH test kit question

Norm R

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Is anyone else using an ELOS KH test kit? If so, how many drops of the reagent per one dKH?

I just started using it and apparently there was a misprint in the instructions. The way it was explained to me makes sense with the reading I am getting but I'd feel better if I could confirm w/ someone else actually using it.


Norm R

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Resolved. I didn't realize ELOS has a sponsor forum.

1 drop of reagent = 0.5 dKH

20 dKH would not have been good :eek2:


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The only thing I use Salifert for anymore is boron and strontium every few months. I got tired of drastic differences between different batches of the Salifert and haven't looked back.

Elos/LaMotte for Alk (Elos couple times a week, LaMotte for reactor fine tune)
Elos/LaMotte for Calc (Elos for quick check, LaMotte for reactor fine tune)
Elos for Mag
Elos for Nitrate
Hanna for P04
Salifert for Boron/Strontium

Now that Elos is changing to more precise numbers, I might end up dropping the LaMotte.

I don't test anything else, and honestly am lucky if I test anything but alk more than once a month at most.

Norm R

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I concur, I'm becoming an ELOS fan....although my testing frequency is less than optimal...trying to improve that.