Enough light?


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Good morning everyone :)

I have a 125 gallon tank, 72" long and 20" tall. Currently it has 4x39w T5's and 2x30w NO flourescents. I know, VERY little light... but my mushrooms, zoas and palys are growing like crazy. :)

I bought 2 150w halide fixtures w/ 20k Ushios and am starting to build the canopy today.

My question is this: will I likely be able to support LPS and softies with 4x39w T5s and 2x150w MH in a 20" deep tank? How about an anemone someday?

Thanks in advance!


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yes. Your lights will be good.. I would put all your softies around the bottom of the tank.As to they do not need alot of light. As for the anemone he will move around till he finds a comfortable place to stay..


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With those lights you can put them anywhere in your tank once they are acclimated to the new light.
Many leathers do very well in higher light.
I have a 240 gallon soft coral tank that has 3x250 watt mh and 4x160 watt VHO.
When you add the mh lighting I'd suggest a aclimation period of some sort.
I've used the eggcrate and window screen method many times.
Put enough eggcrate ( light defuser ) over your tank to cover it and support 2-3 layers of window screen material on top. Remove 1 layer every 4 days or so. This gives the corals a little time to gradually get used to the mh lighting.
Doing it this way will enable you to place your corals where you want, set your light timers to the light period you want.