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Hello every one!

We hope all of you are doing well. I forgot about these things until the wife reminded me of them.

We have not been very active in the hobby lately because of lack of time. We are at the two little ones' mark now. One is 28 months old and the other is 10 months old. They are a hand full, but they are great.

After much thinking with my wife, we came to the conclusion that we will not be able to materialize many of the ideas and projects we had before we had the little ones. We decided to better give someone else the chance to put these things to good use. I think every thing has been previously in use, and most of our items we got from some of you.

We did our best in getting links to pictures, so you can get an idea of what the items look like. We forgot how to post pictures.
If there is something you want us to take pictures for you, let us know and we well take them with our phone and send them to you.

In case you wonder why some of the skimmers don't have skimmer pumps, It is a sad story. When the new baby was going to be born, we had my brother-in-law clean all the pumps and skimmers to like-new condition. At the same time we were going through things in our storage room with other family members and trying to figure out what to do. In the middle of this process, someone thought that the box where we had the pumps was trash, so in the trash bin they went and we only found out a few days latter. We have priced everything in such a way that even if you were to buy brand new skimmer pump set ups, you would still get a really good deal. Also, we know the economy sucks right now.

1. ASM G3 protein skimmer with gate valve and not-in-use recirc. mod. It has a Sedra 5000. $120
Skimmer picture:

2. ASM G6 protein skimmer BODY with gate valve. $150 (I have 2 of these skimmers. One has a fixed crack on a side of the collection cup and it does not affect the skimmer at all and does not leak. $120 for the one with the fixed crack.)
Each skimmer needs 2 pumps. NO PUMPS INCLUDED. You need to get 2 pumps.
Note: This skimmers were being run with (3) Sedra 9000 skimmer pumps, but you are better off getting (2) Sedra 15000. I already placed a plug on the unused hole.
Skimmer picture:
Skimmer pumps pictures:

3. AquaC Urchin protein skimmer with MaxiJet 1200 pump. $80

4. Internal acrylic overflow box for 1" bulkhead. $5

5. Euro Reef CS8-3 protein skimmer with not-in-use recirc. mod. and Sedra 5000 pump. $130
Skimmer picture that looks a lot like it:

6. Red Sea Berlin venturi protein skimmer with pump. $50

I have included links to most of my items, so you can get a visual idea of what I have. If you are interested in any of my items, please email me your name and phone number and I will call you as soon as possible. Thank you and have a great day! :wavehand:


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Hello BigKenny76.

Let me know which company you would like me to check with and I will check for you.