Excessive Bubbles from Overflow


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Is it just my imagination or are there times when more bubbles are being produced from the water entering the sump from the overflows?

Most of the time it seems like an even mix of bubbles and water, but occasionally it looks like I've added a couple air stones in the first chamber of the sump.

The tank is still in the beginning stages of cycling if that has anything to do with it.


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Bubbles typically reduce as the tank ages and the plumbing grows a coat of bacteria/slime.


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bubbles in sumps first chamber poise no problem, have seen some use baffles where water enters to reduce noise. good luck.


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If bubbles aren't entering your DT then I'd say don't worry about it! I personally use the baffle system, as I have plenty of bubbles between my overflow and skimmer and the baffles prevent them from getting to my return section. I suppose I saw a few more bubbles initially (during cycling), but as above poster said, once everything gets a nice slimy coating on it, bubbles seem to dissipate.


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It will go away on it's own when the tank ages, it is even better having the bubbles in there because it will help oxygenate your water

Hope this helps