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Morning to all and Happy Holidays!

I don't know how many of you have heard about or tried this new product from Fauna Marin called Aqua Scapefix or if anyone has posted a review previously but either way I wanted to offer my input. I first read about it on another forum and saw a video of it being demo'd at RAP NY, I think and then BRS offered it at a sale price on one of their specials so I picked it up to give it a try. I'm glad I did!!

This product rocks! It isn't a glue and it isn't an epoxy, it's more like a moldable wax. It comes in the bottle as small white pellets but when activated with hot water the product becomes a clear moldable almost like playdoh but it's waxy feeling. The first time I used it I thought it was bogus but it was because hot tap water and it wasn't hot enough to melt the pellets. So I put a half a mug of rodi water in the microwave for a minute and tried it and the product works as advertised. It's so much cleaner then glue and the best part is zero waste. Whatever you don't use after activating the product you just roll it in a ball and let cool put back in the bottle and it'll reactivate once it's returned to hot water. Once you apply to plug and press coral to it you place in tank and the product shrinks (not expands like glue!) and turns white. Another plus is that unlike epoxy which makes the skimmer go nuts this product did not. No excessive bubbles whatsoever. Only thing I can't comment on is it's long lasting hold but if it performs as advertised which it has to a tee so far I expect it's hold to also be great. This product can be used to attach frags to plugs, plugs to rockwork, coral to rockwork and rock to rock.

In conclusion, I'm very pleased I bought this and don't see myself buying anything else again and the bonus of zero waste makes this the go to for me. If you have it or tried it please comment on this thread good or bad.


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Great review. Ive been looking for a replacement for ny BSI glue. I just waste those too much..

Where did you purchase this? I saw the 250 and 500ml. But they are all pre order


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I bought mine from BRS. BTW, if you look at frag rack pic, start from very left with the large Superman frag and scan right counting 5 more along front to the very right ;)


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Thanks Rob. Looks like identical concept. I wouldn't do purple myself since it wouldn't be seen by encrusted corals but nice for rockwork


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The product does sound like it's polymorph. One benefit of polymorph which they show off about is that it is biodegradable. One manufacturer claims:
"Fully degrade into CO2 and H2O in 6-12 months in commercial compost"

Only time will tell how it works inside our tanks. I'm sure it's not releasing bad things, but I would like to see if it can hold for longer than a year. I guess it really doesn't matter if you are using it for frags, but the Rock to Rock bonding might pose an issue down the line.


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Been wanting to give this stuff a try. I'll probably give aquamaxx stuff a try. Marine depot now has free shipping now minimum. [emoji1303]


Can this be used under water? Say to stick coral to display tank structure? This looks very promising

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Can this be used under water? Say to stick coral to display tank structure? This looks very promising

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Yes. I would mold it in shape you want put your frag in it then stick and hold to your rockwork for a minute or so until it starts turning white and solidifying.
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Great review and like you, I love this stuff! I've been using it for a few months and it's by far the best stuff I've used for attaching corals inside my tank. I've also found another good use for it. I've stuck it rocks over nuisance critters such as Majano's to suffocate them. Place a blob of it over them and flatten it out. Leave it there for a week or and remove it. Majano's gone and you can reuse it later.


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This is a great tip. Probably will do the same over the dreaded blue clove polyps if caught early enough before they take over