Feeding Carpet turns violent


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Half time at game. Shrimp all defrosted so time to feed my green carpet. Put shrimp on tongs and approach green monster. Shrimp is attacked by wrasse on the way, almost pulls it from tongs. I get it close and a clown starts suicide attack on tongs, I manage to hold on but the attack is getting coordinated, Red Sea tang, attracted by the war decides to launch rear assault on the tongs while wrasse is ripping away at shrimp. Finally get shrimp into carpet but the competition has heated up as wrasse decides to take life in hand (fin) and attacks shrimp while carpet is folding up onto shrimp. Wrasse manages to rip it free. I chase wrasse and tang and clown away and manage to grab the shrimp out of the water column and get it back into carpet. Carpet decides he has had enough and grabs the tongs. Man, got to get back to game. This feeding thing is too stressful.

Lmao bob..... Wish i would of been there to see that one..... Sorta sounds like a night in my tank feeding the nori to the sailfin.... they all attack me at the same time for it.... But I def gotta say your's has me beat anytime......


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Bob- how's it goin'...you still around?
I think of you every time I have a Guinness Stout!
Hi Gary - Still reefing. Most of my guests haven't changed in 3 years. Still have most of the fish I started with plus a few very new ones. Tanks is getting overgrown somewhat so it maybe time to the the Playfair thing and throw some stuff out. :) Still think of you all when I clean and scrape on the weekends. I am helping my brother in law build an 800 gal fresh water tank. The scale is daunting at times but fun. (Red tail cats tend to get BIG)

Best of all on Reef Central.

Bob Davis
I think that anemone from the old posts in this thread might the carpet anemone I sold him.. electric green. I was still living in an apt building at the time, and the anemone had outgrown the 55g tank I was running. I finished removing it while bob showed up to buy it. I thought I had it all under control with my hands cupping the underside but when I lowered it into a bucket of tank water it flipped/flopped its tentacled side over onto my one hand pretty good. My hand stung with a burning feeling for the rest of the night and my hand shook a little, but I could still drive (and drink socially lol). I wouldn't do the anemone hot potato again without gloves and at least a 20g plastic tub ~ ouch! :D

Good luck with your projects Bob. Get a fresh start at 1-800-GAL-TANK. Operators are standing by!

(Doh! corney but I couldnt help it.. how many times does someone build an 800 gal tank?)