Filter socks, what rate do you change them ?


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I have a 100 micron filter sock on the output of my overflow.

I'm thinking of changing it every 3-4 days, I have 7 spare ones.

Also I'm wondering how you guys wash yours ?

I put them in the laundry machine, at sanitize water temperature (very very hot), with no soap and low tumble cycle. Then I let them dry for a day or two.

What's your maintenance schedule for filter socks ?


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Change every 3-4 days. For cleaning I just soak them in a bucket with a cup of bleach and a gallon of water. Rinse and then dry.


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100 micron, you need to switch out every 3 to 4 days. I have a dozen filter socks on hand, so when I switch one out, I just put into a cover bucket like the salt mix buckets. I leave it there until I have enough for a small load to wash. I use the small load cycle with a cup of bleach only, no soap, with the low tumble sweater cycle as well. then I add an additional rinse cycle after the wash is finish to make sure I get all the bleach out. Then I tumble dry in low sweater cycle as well and even if there's any residual bleach, it will disspate after the dryer cycle is finished. I clean all my filter socks once a month, but I have enough on hand for 6 weeks just in case I get lazy.


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I use 2 large 100 micron socks and replace them once a week. They get washed in the washing machine with a little bleach, extra rinse cycle, then once more with a little vinegar to neutralize any leftover bleach. I let them dry before reuse.


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where did you all buy all of these filter bags in such bulk quantities.. I have about 5 but would like to have many a reasonable cost of course! LOL


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I would like to know as well. I like the bulk idea and wash them all at once. Does it really clear up the water that much? Obviously, I've never used them and would like rid the never-ending particles in my H2O.


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I use 4" diameter 100 micron filter sock and change out 2x weekly. Wash them all about every 3 weeks, so I have about 8 socks available for each of my filter sock holders. I just use bleach in the wash cycle and an extra rinse cycle. As long as your filter sock is completely dry before reuse, there will not be any residual chlorine as it disspates completely.


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I recently read a thread from a reefer who get's his from McMasters-Carr at You'll need to search by bag filter, they have them in felt and polypropolene in 1 mil to 200 mil. Prices seem to be very good also.


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I cut and sew my own out of synthetic felt. They need to get changed every 3 or 4 days, but sometimes i let them sit longer.


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I've got 30 100 micron monofilament mesh bags and have to replace them daily.
I'm also from Canada, where did you pick yours up from.
do you also wash them with bleach as well.


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Do socks clean up particles floating around? Any pics of them them on your systems? Do they need to be suspended over your sump or submerged?


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Waxxiemann....Thanks for the link to I just got off the phone with Ginny and I gotta say that the customer service is excellent. The prices are great to start with and the discounts start at an order of 25. I ordered 15 NMO150P4POSS and 15 NMO150P3POSS.

She told me that they are seriously considering an aquarium-specific link on their site, as a lot of business is coming from folks like us.


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Hey do you think if I used 200 micron bags they would last longer between changes? I need something that will last at least a week as I am often gone a week at a time. (maybe 300 micron?)