Finally scored some nice orange-lined cardinals!


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They only school up during feeding and all night after the lights are out. They do not hide during the day. Each one will find a shady spot under an overhang or coral and hover below it all day long. Occasionally they dart out to investigate small particles flowing through out the tank. Once one darts out the other 2 typically follow. They are a pretty cool little fish to have in a small system but don't expect them to be schooling all the time. I just hope I don't lose one during a spawning event.

Anyone else have experience with these guys please chime in and show some pics!!!

Here is a stock photo for now (mine are a bit more colorful and have irredescent blue stripes along there heads)


Southern Orangelined Cardinalfish ~ Apogon properupta

I am borrowing a camera soon and will post some pics then.
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Well it looks like my cardinals were miss-identified by the wholesaler when labled as being A. properuptas.

After doing some more research I am certain this is what I have:


Yellow Striped Cardinalfish ~ Apogon cyanosoma

Looks like Live Aquaria has them in stock right now if anyone is interested.

Oh well its too late to change the thread title.
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those are very pretty.

are they mouthbrooders like the more well known apogons

what did you men by a 'spawning event'

nice fish


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Yes they are mouth breeders. As far as a "spawning event" goes ~ its possible for the non-paired fish to be killed off by the mated pair. This is common with many cardinals but not as much with the A. cyanosoma which makes them a more sought after fish.

Looks like I hit a cashed page in Google and these guys are no longer available at live-aquaria but you can e-mail them and ask. Sorry for the mistake!