First time posting, my new hobby


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Thought Id be polite and say hi before i ask all my inevatable questions.

I will set up a blog to keep track of my mainly DIY setup

My longterm goal

~ 30g 3'x1x1 sw tank with sump
~ Colourful fish including NEMO clownfish for girlfriend
~ Natural looking yet bright and colourful enviroment
~ As cheap as possible to setup and maintain as much DIY as possible

We'll see how it goes!!


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Welcome to the addiction!!!!!

From now on you will spend many many many many hours reading, researching and after that some more reading and researching, but hey, that's what makes this such a fun hobby.

First piece of good advice, READ THE STICKYS and I mean all of them, so much info there.

After that, take a look at the blog from SK8R, she gives great tips for us newbees(yes, after two years I still consider myself a noob) and it's a joy to read.

And most important have fun and ask a lot of questions!

Happy reefing


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Whats a look down tank?

Where the primary viewing angle is standing above the tank to look down at it. With only 1ft in height, the tank will not be easy to see from the sides, but will look great from above.


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I think its a lil deeper than 1ft Im yet to get it. From the photos it looks taller than 1ft. Hopefully it'll look good from the front too. It will have the back covered and at least one end possibly both with thin insulation to help presserve heat as its fairly cold here most of the time.

I'll post the photo i have off it a lil later


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I would really go with a 40. Same length but 6" deeper. I'm running a 29 and the scratches are getting on my nerves, so next year it'll be replaced by a 40 or 50.


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Photo of my new tank

Photo of my new tank

This is the only photo I have of my new tank which I'll be collecting on Monday.

The stand needs painting and will eventually be boxed in with doors at the front. There are no lights in the hood. It comes with a heater and some kind of filter which will be either binned or sold on ebay, unless its of any use to me.



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First steps will be to clean the tank inside and out, remove the old insulation underneath and replace with plywood base and better insulation material, fit a blue back ground to the back and right hand end covered by more insulation.

I'm am going to running a sump to contain all my filter types and small deep sand bed with some planting. For filtration I plan a skimmer, live rock rubble, Sand bed, Possibly some bio balls and activated carbon all in separate chambers which will be removable so that I can run carbon intermittently etc.

The DT will contain 1 1/2" live sand bed, and DIY live rock which I hope to pre seed using live rock rubble, I'm yet to learn the best way to achieve this without having fish. I'll be using oyster shell style DIY LV which I'll obviously be soaking/rinsing until it becomes pH stable. From there I'm not sure how to make it live before starting the tank. I think it involves placing the pH stable DIY rock in a tank with LR rubble a heater, circulation (light?) but I guess I need to feed an ammonium source to get the bacterial growth. Basically start an ongoing cycle to build bacteria levels and help coralline algae. More reading and research first though

Flow to sump will be from a DIY 1" pipe overflow and returned by pump hopefully flowing 200-250gph. Plus added in DT power-heads and air pump.

All comments welcome



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Hello, I'm a nube. I've got a 55g Corner Tank with a Mag350. I've had tanks on and off for years I'm just starting to get more into it.

I seem to be ok with keeping the fish alive now I'm trying to branch out and get some corals. I'm thinking of adding a sump or refugium next. Anyone have any cons on adding a UV filter! I have a very small amount of green algae but I don't want it to get out of hand.
Just Happy to be here!


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Don't waste the money on the uv . If you run a refugium it will fry a lot of the pods that grow in there. If you looking for the best way to filter get live rock, some power heads, and a skimmer. This will be your best starting point and you can expand from there.


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welcome to a beautiful and exiting hubby with long hours of reading and learning is like being a doctor never seem to end the learning process but is worth it when you see that reef thrive and get more beautiful every day happy reefing !!!!!


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I wouldn't use bioballs. Since they're exposed to air, they kill the bacteria they're hosting, and then grow new ones.. then they die... constantly polluting your water. submerged live rock is better. Consider a refugium for copepod growth. Also think about a protein skimmer.