First Tridacna


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Winter will be approaching, as will the stock of clams and corals in the U.S be shrinking.
I am looking for my first clam, preferably a T.Squamosa or Derasa, as I read that they are easier to keep than Crocea and Maxima.
I want to see clams before I buy. My LFS has two T.Maximas and that's it. I would be willing to order online if I could pick my clam visually.
I would like to purchase my clam by the middle of November.
Squeezix, I just received 3 clams today that I couldn't be happier with. All the way from the customer service to the healthy animals, it was a top notch transaction. (Phone calls, photos, emails, etc) Email me if you're interested, and I'll send you the online address.

This first pic is a T. Deresa: