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I am in need of a good home for my large naso tang for the summer. I do not have the room in my home tank to keep him during the and for that reason i can't give him to anyone with smaller then a180. This is only temporary and I would be bringing him back to the high school in August. Please chime in if you are interested in helping out or know someone so who might be.

Thanks in advance


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I am breaking down my classrooms 200 gallon tank and need a place to keep my full grown naso tang. my system at home will not comfortable house a fish that size and I require someone with at least a 180 to help us out. The Fish for rent was just a gimmicky statement to get people to look, I need my fish back when i set up our new 300 gallon reef next August when the school year starts.


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Thank you, good luck finding a suitable foster :)


is it against RC policy to rent out fish by the hour?? JK :) that is a huge fish, I would imagine it will be a pain in the butt to catch if housed in a large enough system where it would be better for him.


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We are trying to set up a 300 next year but right now trying to find him a good home is the the struggle. Know anyone with a massive tank? I have a LFS by my house ready to take him they have a 700 but has a large trigger and eel so in worried. Also they are under new management since two weeks ago but if nothing else comes my way I guess it's the best


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Where are you near? I was just at a "new" LFS (they have been doing maintenance for 25 years but just opened to the public) and they had a large system with a large wrasse and a large tang. They might be open to fostering.
They are in the far NW burbs.


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I have a 300 but live in southern Il. About 4 hours from tinley. I also have a powder blue not sure they would get along. If all else fails let me know