Fish have dissapeared - Fish Gods have taken them


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I had a major sandstorm 2 night ago when one of my powerheads dropped into the sand. Fish were all just put into the tank so we still stressed from that.

Now that there is a bit of visibility ( not much but enough to see ) I cannot see any fish besides my clowns.

Nothing has floated to the top ( yet ). The seaweed I put in for the Tangs hasnt been touched.

These things have damn well vanished.

Any idea where the fish gods may have taken them.:uhoh2:


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Off you have crabs they may have eaten your other fish. I did the same thing about a month ago and my crabs made quick work of my fish


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Dead fish don't float....they get wedged underneath rocks usually. What exactly are the missing fish? And how long has the tank been running?


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I have 3 small crabs and 3 cleaner shrimp.
Also just a protein skimmer... nothing

I dont think those cleaners could eat 2 small tangs, firefish, royal gramma, 2 gobys.

Maybe im wrong.

May be in hiding someplace.


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Check the over flow. My clowns would always get into the overflow and get sucked into the sump. I didn't have a screen over the top of my herbie. I have since put a lid on my overflow.