Fish in Ricordea only tank


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What kind of fish do you keep in your ricordia only (or dominated) tank? I have a 20H and am looking for stocking ideas.


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Mine is Completly rics also I have right now
Long Nose Hawk Fish
Black Clown Goby
Blue Spot Jaw Fish
Dusky Jawfish
Clown Tang
Spotted Mandarin Goby
True Percula Clown
True Black Percula Clown
I have had alot more over the years but this is it now in my 75g. I also have 6 pepermint shrimp and a cleaner shrimp. Not 100% on this but pretty sure there really isnt any fish that will harm the rics at least nothing you would keep in your tank. Hope this helps


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Would love to see a FTS

Would love to see a FTS

I've been considering 'ricordea only' (or close). Would love to see a FTS of yours.