Fish only 400L tank help


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Hi all, I'm new here and first time having a go at SW. I have decided to get a 400L fish only tank and here’s a list of equipment what I have chosen to go with it. I have not decided which fish I am planning to keep, but want to set up the tank for its maximum fish capacity. I may end up with a handful of fish but want to have the best water quality, pretty much have “over filtration” so to speak than needed.

This filter system I have decided on:

1. Aqua medic Wet/Dry Filter with Protein Skimmer: Systems&product=Reef 500

2. Fluid bed Filter
3. Live rock

I have been reading pretty much every thing I could about FOWLR tanks and keep reading about "fuge". Is this better than what I have in mind? Also could you please give me some info as to what this exactly is? Any Pics of designs. etc. etc?

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Its not a "bettter" way than what you have listed, but would do well with what you have listed. It is just a natural way to remove impurities. A refugium has tons of other benefits. Personally I wont have a tank without one.


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My FO tank uses a big wet dry which is the size of a 75g tank as well as a protein skimmer a ER RC500..... I just realized it's 400l not 400g :)

I am not sure the liter to gallon ration however I wouldn't do a wet/dry & also a fluidized bet. I would spend the money & get a larger wet/dry, as big as you can get under your stand.

I do not have LR in my tank because I didn't (& don't) feel it's needed plus it would of been expensive.

For a FO tank even a skimmer isn't needed