Flame angel has ich..


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It is bad. I'm probably going to have to move all of my fish over to a quarantine tank. Will a rubbermaid trash can or container work?

The angel is bad...he is still breathing but i keep finding him upsidedown on the sand. Is there any hope left?

Basically if he dies, that means that everything from my $150 saltwaterfish.com order would have not survived. None of my fish had ich until the flame angel...including the yellow tang I've had for a while.


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in my experince i have had 1 fish get ich and the other 5 were fine, sounds like your flame angel is too late, sorry, i have learned i fish every month or so, no stress


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I tried posting my experience with swf.com on their message boards, but my post was removed and I was banned within 5 minutes. I wasn't even rude about it.

Censorship at it's finest.