Flasher wrasse petrified?


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I bought a flasher wrasse awhile ago and as soon as i put him in the tank he went into hiding. Later on in 2 days he died i guess because he didn't come out to eat. Im trying my luck again and i got the most social wrasse that was in the tank. I placed him in my tank which has percula clowns and a tiny vlamingi tang and he went into hiding. How long do they usually hide until they come out or how long will they hide until they die?


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Might need a longer drip, 15min per point in salenity. Some wrasses will hide for up to a week when first introduced. They are also extremly good jumpers, check around the back of your tank. They NEED a lid of some sort ( not eggcrate) or they will get out.


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You might consider taking a refractometer reading of the arrival water and your water and then make sure they are identical. I keep my water at 1.025 which is exactly what me arrival water is (all from DD). The other thing you can try is to get a social acclimation chamber (acrylic chamber which suction cups to the side) and allow the new arrival time to get used to his new environment without being picked on. I do this will all fish.