Fmas coral grow out contest sps 2016


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Not only can you get a nice frag, but you can win $280 while growing it!!!

Simple rules

1. You must be a current, and paid member of FMAS.

2. Must do a quick write up of your system on the competition thread in the beginning. ex. size, flow, light, placement of the competition piece, coral food, fish, etc to accompany your initial photo update. ALSO: PLEASE: Email Eddie Soler your contact information, ie RC and other Forum names, and email, for reminders.

3. You will be required to post photo updates. A thread will be started every
time photo updates are required (about once a month) where you will post your updates. Sufficient time will be allowed for those on vacation or whatever. Dates for required updates will be posted once all corals have been distributed. Updates can be submitted in the week previous to the posted dates. WE HOPE CONTEST WILL START NO LATER THAN APRIL 1st, 2016

4. Must have access to a camera to show proof of their coral in monthly updates.

5. No cheating. Cheaters will be banned from current and future competitions!!!

6. If there is a tie, see guidelines for more information.

7. Pieces for Grow Out Competition MUST remain on the official FMAS plugs they are obtained on. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from competition.

8. All threads must be posted HERE ON RC, or our other Local Forum. Do not post on FB or other areas as they will not be taken into consideration.

Not following the rules can cause you to be disqualified and sorry no money back.


1. Pieces used for grow out, have been cut and acclimated to an aquarium environment for 2 weeks already. . No matter whether or not you already have some of what we are starting with you should obtain a frag from FMAS. Pieces used for the Grow Out Competition MUST remain on the official plug it is sent on for the duration of the competition unless otherwise stated. Plugs are used to judge growth.

2. How to obtain frag pieces. All 14 Frags are at Eddie Soler’s tank. Eddie lives in West Pembroke Pines, but works in Miami Kendall area. THIS WILL BE A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED DISTRIBUTION OF FRAGS.

3. Time span of competition. The competition will run for 6 months, frome April 1rst, 2016. This will give EVERYONE the same advantage\disadvantage with acclimation and so on. Pictures will be required frequently for updates. Cheaters will be banned from current and future competitions, posting frequent pic's should discourage any cheating as all will be able to see and speak up if need be.

4. Entry Fee. Entry fee will be $20. THE ENTRY FEE WILL PAY FOR PRIZES. If sponsors choose to join us, that will be more of an incentive for participants. A list of all involved will be posted on the thread for the grow out when it starts so all know who is involved. Honesty is going to be key all the way around in this competition. Entry is limited to 2 per household.

5. Determining winner. Winner will be based on total growth, or percentage of growth. FMAS BOD will do the initial judging.

6. IF THERE IS A TIE: Should there be a tie between more than 2 contestants, pictures will be posted (without names to prevent favoritism) for a vote, the voting will then be up to FMAS members.

The goal of this competition covers a couple different paths. First, it will provide a variety of corals to all involved. Second, it will provide information regarding the best system configurations, feeding, what have you, to obtain maximum results in growth for the species used. Third, prizes....duh. Forth, to promote future members for FMAS.

Overall this competition is all about fun, prizes, and bragging rights of course. If there are modifications to start date a post will be made in this thread and a PM will be sent to contestants.

For Frags or questions: PM or email Eddie here, or at


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