? for the Doctor...?


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I was in about 6 feet of water today and saw a hole, very smooth and about as wide as a half dollar. I was wearing a mask, so probably a little smaller than that. Anyways, I hung around for about 5 minutes and thought I saw a head looking at me, like a mantis, but big, much bigger than a P. ciliata. Was I excited about the hunt, or was I onto a L. maculata? I didn't mark the hole, per say, but can find it again. Drop a post for everyone and email if you have the time.

Sounds like a very large P. ciliata to me. The burrow of a 9 cm animall is at least the size of a quarter. The other characteristic is that they are silky smooth on the inside. Most Lysiosquillina burrows will have at least some sand-mucus cap around the entrance. It could be the burrow of a juvenile L. m since they sometimes will leave the entire enrance open, but my money is on a very large P.c.

There was absolutely nothing obstructing the hole and it was very smooth. That's interesting though since I have never seen a mantis that far out. It was about 150 yards off shore. Someone I know over here just told me the P. ciliata are all over K-Bay by the yatch club and you can go snorkling/diving there. I am going to check it out next weekend.