Foxface owners:


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I am trying to decide on a "feature fish" for a 120g softies/lps that I am setting up. I would like to go with a Foxface instead of a Tang but I am worried about it picking at corals. What corals have you had problems with the Foxface nipping at?

From my understanding it is pretty hit or miss depending on the fish, but I just wanted to get a few opinions on any corals that should be avoided.


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Clove polyps and pipe organ. He may have only been trying to pick algae from them, but the clove polyps were a total loss and the pipe organ has recovered now that I removed the foxface.


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I guess I have been lucky but My Foxface Lo, Bicolor, and Magnificent, have not picked on any of my corals. I keep LPS, softies and some clams.


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zoas and pipe organ, he is forgiven though because he is an amazing algae eater. He will even eat dictyota :D