Frag Tank


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So my boy took his 20 gallon long freshwater tank down, and I turned it into a frag system.

Not sure what else I'll need, but I'll post what I did, what I have and we'll go from there.

20g long
2 Kessil A150 Ocean Blue lights (approximately 23" to the bottom of the tank to the bottom of the light)
150W heater set to 78F
2 JBJ 500gph pumps with the oceanwave controller.
Tunze nano skimmer tha t I used for the BioCube and ultimately replaced for an Aquamaxx HOB-1
Frag rack made out of Lowes Light Diffuser

Corals in there are some easy to care for SPS (montipora, digitata, birdsnest, stylophora, pocillipora, etc).

The tank is not connected to the display as I am just running that as a FOWLR now. No sump at this time.

Plan is to feed coral Vitalizer M & F, Amino's on Tues & Saturday. 1 drop of each.

It's a very simple/basic setup...what else might I need?


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that's probably all you will need. Water changes can easily keep up with Ca and Alk in most frag tanks so you should be good there. You might consider a carbon reactor, but really, it all sounds pretty good to me.

Good Luck!


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All one really needs in a tank that small is
a heater

No need for a skimmer or any reactors,etc..
Simple water changes take care of it all..