Fragging low lying zoas


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I'm doing some fragging tonight, which I have done before for SPS without problems. But right now I'm trying to frag off some zoas that are very close to the rock. I'm not able to chip a piece of the rock off directly, so the question is:

How do I frag a group of zoas and attach them to another rock when they have very short stalks?


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Now that we are back to "Reef Discussion", maybe someone has a suggestion for me? :)

Here is a pic of the colony I'm trying to frag...They are in a high flow region, so they are very close to the rock...

<img src="" /img>

PS. don't mind the hair algae, it's gone now ;)


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Get an exactos knife and just very carefully slide between the zoa and rock.
Watch out for any squirting. Stings really bad and you might have a problem for a bit.
Should be able to get the bottom ones with no problem.

Good luck!

Also what did you use for the hair algae? Lots of people have dif ways just interesting to see what else can work.


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Ya, I tried to cut some off with a razor last night, but they retract so fast I can't get to their stalks. I guess I'll just have to be a bit more aggressive tonight and go at 'em! And I always wear gloves when cutting corals.

Ironically that hair algae was the only tufts left on the rocks. It just happened to be in that pic! I just pulled off the tufts and then scrubbed the rock with a toothbrush to clean up any residual.